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Hello! Talented Actors, Animators, and Artists


In Filmo, the player watches a video clip, an animation, a drawing, or an emoji and tries to guess the name of the movie.

We invite people who have talent in acting, drawing, or animation to submit their creations to be part of our game.

The example in the middle column will give you and idea about the game.

Which movie



If you are interested, you can submit your work: a video (mp4), an animation (mp4), a drawing (png), or an emoji (png).

We will choose the most suitable submissions and incorporate them in the game. We will include, in the game credits, the names of all the persons whose contributions are accepted.


About Filmo




Why would you want to make a submission?

  • You are an aspiring actor, animator, artist, and are looking for more exposure.
  • You want to be part of Filmo game. All contributors will have their names figure in the game credits.
  • You like challenges: you have to give a hint to the movie name in a smart and funny way.
  • You will be seen by a world wide audience: millions of Filmo game players.



Movies Sample

These are examples of the interpretations of some movies. If you find that you can do the same or better, please signup and submit your interpretation for these movies or others.

Movies Sample


Frquently Asked Questions


How are the submissions chosen?

A committe from Ludo World will choose the submissions (images or videos) to include in the game. The chosen submissions should be clear. They should make the player guess the movie but should not be so easy. We will try too to make the puzzles as diverse as possible.

Who owns the submissions?

All submissions become the property of Ludo World OÜ.

Would I get credit?

If a submission is chosen, it will be included in the game Filmo. The name, as written in the submission form, will be shown in the game credits page.

Would these submitted videos and images be used somewhere else?

Some of the submitted videos and images may be used on our Facebook page and other social media to promote the game.

What if I change my mind?

If a you decide to withdraw a submission before an accept / refuse decision is taken, it will not be considered for evaluation. If the submission that was already accepted, we will still keep the right to include it in the game for 90 days after this withdrawal.

Why would you keep a withdrawn submission?

We will keep a withdrawn submission for 90 days to give ourselves time to replace it by another one.




Submit your work


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